End of School Year Gift

rainbow paddle pop

End-of-year student gifts have become a lovely tradition for many teachers, but it can be a task that takes additional time, costs you extra money and will chew into your planning time and thoughts. If you need something practical but fun I have an idea to share with you today. 

One end-of-school-year gift for a class I helped teach (job sharing on a first grade) was a Rainbow Paddle Pop (ice cream on a stick). 

The kids got an ‘early mark’ on the last day of school (we sat outside the classroom, in the warm Australian heat of the afternoon, gentle sea breeze blowing 2 minutes before the end of the school day). We talked, enjoyed an ice cold sweet treat and waited for the final bell of the year together. 

It was perfect. The gift from the teachers to the students was 
  • enough 
  • an experience
  • a final moment as a class community
  • something we had not done before
  • waste-less (cardboard box, paper wrapper, biodegrade-able stick)
The best part was the kids absolutely loved it and I hope many of them remember it as much as I do. 

We've all had a big few years and teachers especially. Take an honest look at your to-list as we approach the end of the year and edit some of the time-consuming or stressful tasks you've created for yourself. How could you could you better approach some of your hopes with something equally as significant for your class community but less intrusive on your energy.

Whatever you do for the end of the school year or holiday celebrations with your students, do so knowing that you have worked hard this year, your work is appreciated and that you are enough.