Birthday Cake Drawing

Let's draw a birthday cake! What a fun activity for your students to do on the special day of someone in the class. You could also fold a stack of paper and make a batch of ready-made birthday cards to distribute to students throughout the year.

Birthdays are so very special in the first years of school. For many children they are having parties for the first time that they can vividly remember, they are learning to make friends and celebrate with them and they are experiencing their developing sense of identity and what makes them unique as an individual. 

Taking time to acknowledge the importance of a birthday to a five or six year old can give rise to a range of different social and emotional learning opportunities and to build class community. Make even a few minutes available on the day closest to a child's birthday and let them share with the class, if they are comfortable and celebrate. 

It will vary depending on your school context, but it could be as simple as saying, We're so glad you get to spend your birthday with us at school today, we're going to make sure you have the happiest day. Because it's your special day, would you like to sit on the special spot / use the glitter pen / have this card / tell us about your morning / tell us what sort of cake you're having / tell us how old you are now / listen to us sing Happy Birthday / share something you'd like to share. 

If you've made a set of class birthday cards you can make a routine of giving one (signed by everyone in the class) to each student on their special day.

If you'd like to do this drawing as an art project, or to make birthday cards, there is a free worksheet page with the steps outlined over in the drawing category of the Pond Coloring Club! Learn more about how to join on the site - it's really easy!

birthday cake drawing

Encourage your students to add extra details to personalize their art project too.

birthdays in the classroom

cake for birthdays in the classroom

Here is a little video to help guide your students if they need it, you can pause after each section. 

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