Big Fun Classroom Numbers

Daily counting and number activities in kindergarten is an essential part of your day! Make it fun and engaging with our big classroom number characters! Print and display them as a number line or as cards in whole-class math warm up games!

Numbers 1 to 30 are included!

big classroom numbers

An editable version is included too if you'd like to type in your own chosen font!

fun. number line for the classroom

Three ideas for using this classroom decor in your learning activities

Number Order Game

  • select 10 students to play
  • give each child a number
  • ask students to put themselves in number order
  • the rest of the class checks to see acuray and counts from 0 to 10 to celebrate, upon each number the child holding it can sit down in line

Find your match

  • give each child in your class a number (print 4 to a page to make them hand-size)
  • call a number - e.g. 10 
  • students find a classmate who will combine with their number to make the total - e.g. the child holding 6 and stand with the child holding 4
  • adjust your printed numbers to the ability of your class (e.g. if you are working on partitioning 5, just print numbers 0-5)

Number Line

  • have whole-class counting every day
  • count forwards, selecting a child to use a special pointer to point to each number as it is called
  • remind students to look at the number as they say numbers and listen to the counting
  • count backwards
  • count 'one more than'
  • count 'one less than'
  • skip count - depending on the ability of your class

Find these numbers and more over on our resource page!