Linking Language Game - I Like Fish

Have your learners made their funny fish from the Premium Coloring Club yet?

Here is a little language game they can play afterwards! If they're new to building memory, let them hold their craft as they play or pop it on the floor in front of them so they can see its color and the color of their friend's fishes.  

funny fish craft

Language Game: I like Fish

  • this game will help students link ideas in their language (linking helps children remember things)
  • tell your students that today we will try to remember the ocean animals the class likes
  • commence the game by saying for example - My name is Mrs Teacher and I like fish.
  • the whole class say Mrs Teacher likes fish.
  • the second student will have his turn, add his ocean animal (e.g. My name is Sam and I like octopus.)
  • the whole class reviews the list Mrs teacher likes fish. Sam likes octopus.
  • continue around the class, linking names and animals.


  • Very young learners can have their craft fish in their hands to help with memory building. They tell their fish color, rather than an ocean animal they like. For example, I like orange fish.
  • As your children gain confidence and memory, have them remember and say the whole list themselves rather than the whole class saying them together.
  • Add an adjective - for example, I like silly fish.

If you're not yet a member of the club, find out more HERE!

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