One At a Time

Tracing is such a fun way to build fine motor skills for writing! We have lots of tracing pages in our store and coloring club! 

I have a fun way to use the new free goat page - you can integrate some math with partner-play!

Let's Play GOAT - Go One At a Time

  • play in pairs
  • each student has a different color crayon or pencil
  • each student has their own dice (differentiate to your students, e.g. if your students are emerging in skills use a 6 sided dice, if more advanced you could use a 20 sided dice etc)
  • both students roll and the numbers are compared
  • the player with the highest number wins and gets to trace one line or section on the GOAT game mat in their color

  • this activity helps students compare numbers
  • the student who can last trace a line or section on the GOAT may be declared the overall winner
You could also adjust the game and make the winner of each roll, the student who:
  • has the largest total of a 2 dice throw
  • has the smallest difference of a 2 dice throw (subtraction)
  • has the largest product of a 2 dice throw (multiplication)

  • review with your students your expectations for what constitutes a line or section on the goat
  • after the game, let students watercolor their goats together and display - talk about 2 color artworks and look at some famous ones for an art appreciation discussion
  • use the ‘go one at a time’ reference throughout your week to help encourage turn taking in other leanring areas and social situations