Sun Craft

 In the free Pond Coloring Club we have a sun craft for your children to make. 

sun craft

All the pieces are on one page to print! This makes prep a breeze! You can provide paints, pencils or crayons for your students to use. 

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sun craft page

Today we used a white crayon to scribble patterns before adding a thin layer of yellow watercolor paint!

The lovely crayon-resist effect is like magic and your children will love it!

happy sun activity

After the activity, have a language-based mini lesson on the sun! It's the perfect time to help your learners begin learning about temperature.

  • talk about the warmth we feel from the sun - what other things are hot?
  • talk about things in the classroom that feel hot or cold
  • show students some clothes that are worn on a hot day and/or a cold day
  • talk about things that can be both hot and cold
  • let your students do a free drawing about a hot day or cold day they remember
  • make a list of places/events the students have experienced that are hot/cold (pool, ocean, bath, BBQ)

Some language you may like to encourage

hot, hotter, hottest, cold, colder, coldest, warm, cool, steaming, bubbles, icy, freezing, shivering, burning, sticky, sweaty, boiling, frosty, snowy, chilly, humid, wet, dry, rainy, cloudy, shade, hotter than, cooler than, warmer than, colder than, frozen, not as hot, not as cold, temperature, warm, warmer, warmest, cool, cooler, coolest

paint a sun

After your temperature talk, play a listening game! It will help encourage attentive listening and making connections.

Hot Like the Sun

  • show students the signal for a correct sentence - thumbs up (or similar) and incorrect (thumbs down)
  • if you want to add a novelty element for engagement you can tell students that thumbs up correlates to sunrise (yes) and thumbs down correlates to sunset (no)
  • the children listen as each child has a turn and they give a thumbs up or down
  • say something like A cup of tea is hot like the sun. Students listen and decide if it's true or not and give their signal. 
  • you may need to establish an expectation before the game that hot/cold is all that is being decided -not an exact temperature match to the sun 
  • Each child has a turn and the class listen and signal for each. Each child may decide to make a true or untrue statement. 
Some other ideas:
  • my warm jacket
  • my bubble bath
  • my patchwork quilt
  • the campfire
  • inside the freezer
  • my ice cream
  • a mug of hot chocolate
  • a glass of orange juice
  • ice cubes
  • water in my pool
I hope you have lots of fun encouraging language and listening with your students! 
If you're not yet a member of the coloring club, we'd love to have you!