Playful Puppy Auditory Memory

Auditory memory activities are both fun in the classroom and helpful for building and supporting learning in literacy. Here is a no prep Playful Puppy Game to implement in your morning literacy program or in lesson transitions thorough the day. 

  • students sit in a circle
  • place a hoop, cushion or similar in the middle of the students as the puppy's bed
  • ask 5 or 6 students to gather some simple items from the classroom that the puppy has taken and put them on the bed
  • together with the class, name and identify all the items, learning new words if needed
  • select a student to be the playful puppy
  • the playful puppy closes his eyes
  • tell student how many items you are going to say and say them - e.g. I am going to tell you 3 objects to find: pencil-glue-book.
  • the playful puppy (with eyes closed) must repeat this sequence back two times, perhaps counting on fingers at the same time (pencil-glue-book-pencil-glue-book)
  • after repeating the words, the playful puppy stands and runs around the circle of students (remove this step if your students are having difficulty remembering items and work towards it) before going to collect the items from the bed
  • increase or decrease the number of items to remember according to your students memory abilities

Free Puppy Art Project

I hope your students love playing it and building their memory abilities. In the coloring club today we have a free directed drawing project for to too. Your students could:
  • follow the steps on the page
  • draw their puppy on large art paper and paint
  • draw their puppy with their finger in finger paint, playdough, sand or shaving cream
  • draw some of the items they remember from the game, around their puppy
  • add extra details
  • design a background
  • draw their own puppy!
If you're not yet in our Pond Coloring Club, we'd love to have you!

puppy art project

puppy drawing

draw a puppy