Classroom Welcome Signs

classroom welcome sign

Decorate your classroom door to make learners feel welcomed and ready to learn! We have a growing collection of fast-prep one page welcome signs to help you do that. You can coordinate them with other door decor - like we have done here with the rainbows, or just keep it simple with the sign alone. 

The pack I want to show you today has 6 different posters for your classroom - switch them out for variation through the year. Small changes like this help to re-engage and excite your classroom community.

Simply write or type the name of your class or write 'our classroom'. 

welcome poster

simple welcome decor

happy classroom decor

one page welcome

Find them here in our TpT store and more options through our resource page!

When you welcome your class for the first time, here is a fun listening activity (that requires no prep) to do, perhaps in the first week of school!


  • discuss with students how we listen in class
  • talk about the different ways we listen - at the mall, in school, watching TV, playing with friends, eating lunch
  • ask students to share the different things they like listening to - rain, traffic, TV, conversations, music
  • ask students to share who they listen to - their teacher, their family
  • ask students to close their eyes and have them identify some classroom sounds - scissors, pencils on paper, a sneeze, clapping, heavy walking, clicking the mouse on a computer
  • with eyes closed have students listen for a set time period and upon opening chart all the different sounds/noises they heard
I hope you have fun getting your classroom ready to welcome your students - let me know if you have a request for new printable decor!