Gingerbread Word Sort

Hi there friends.

 Thanks so much for visiting today. I have been one busy girl this last few weeks. I am doing additional work in the classroom for a few weeks. I knew I would enjoy it, but I was not prepared for just how much I would LOVE it! It has not been all that long since I did a 4 day a week position, but a couple of years can seem like a lifetime when you are sharing them with a 2 year old. 

I have had the 'best bits' of the job for a few weeks - mainly just teaching - no hard core assessment or programming - so I understand the odd looks I get when I tell people I am having a wonderful time. I understand how challenging teaching can be at times and that we don't always 'feel the love'.  

Throw rubbish at me if you like, but I enjoy the challenging parts too. At the end of the day (eek, I don't like that phrase, but you know what I mean), all the crazy, nutty, frustrating parts are often what make teaching such a rewarding profession. I get frustrated with things as easily as any other teacher, but I have learned to look at some of the negatives as just a different texture on the rich tapestry of life we call 'school'. 

For me, there is nothing better than getting to the end of a difficult time or challenge and realising how much stronger I am for getting through it. How much I have learned about myself and other people. I will always firmly believe that there is no more rich and beautiful job than teaching. Who else gets to sit with 22 unique and inspirational little souls each day and help them learn the world. I have lost count of the number of times this week I have observed a child either at learning or play, and been absolutely amazed at how different we all are. All these wonderful unique personalities gradually learning about themselves and about each other. There are ups. There are downs. But we get there. Together. It is so special, that as teachers we have boundless opportunities to be constructive. To create. To lift up. To facilitate growth. To encourage. To be positive. I feel blessed to be in a 'job' that to me delivers so many opportunities. 

Imagine being a doctor and looking at the face of misery for the most part. Imagine being a lawyer and sorting through words and conflict, and staring at a computer. 

I will be forever grateful that I ignored the people that told me not to teach, and went with my heart. My last few weeks have reminded me of that. 

I hope your week has been rewarding too, that you have people around you to support you and encourage you as a teacher. That you know that you are valued and that what you do matters. 

And honestly, what other career gives you as many opportunities to indulge in cute things. Necessary? Probably not! But let's face it, it's one of the fun things about teaching. 

I made a cute  little game for sorting 'er' words. Students will sort words that feature the 'ir', 'ur' and 'er' words, by putting gingerbread men and ladies into the right oven! Stick each oven onto a different envelope and students can slide them in as they sort. 

You can find it over in my TpT store. Just click on the image below to find it! 

Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!