Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Countdown

I am dreaming of snow. Seriously. It was 40 degrees today (that's 104 in Fahrenheit). 

Sunday is doing to be 45. Lovely. 

You can understand why I did some clipart designing today - Santa in the snow. Santa in a snow storm, surrounded by snow, and dreaming of snow, in the cold lovely snowy snow. 

I also drank more green liquid (still on the detox). 

Here is a fun little project for Christmas. Make each of your students a mini activity book, and they can count down the days until Christmas AND complete a little activity each day to help them remember the exciting lead up! 

Ask your students to add a sticker to each day on the first page also!

Each activity is different!

Students can also colour the date on the little circles at the bottom of the page, and count how many days are left until the big one!

It is on sale for a few days only, in my TpT store. Find it by clicking on the image below:

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 


Rachel Lamb said...

ugh! I don't like being cold, but 104 is a little warm! Love the booklet!

Cherie said...

When we were living in Singapore, I dreamt of having snow because we had 32-35 degrees weather 365 days a year. But when we moved to Switzerland, all I could think of was the tropical sunshine. I hate being cold - give me the sun any day! (I was in Melbourne years ago during summer and it was 40 degrees. It was hot but I loved it!)

Mrs Poultney said...

Move to Tassie :) we had 16 was cold.
I love, love, love your Christmas countdown book! It looks fabulous and is a clever idea.
But seriously move down here :) We would have a BLAST and be cold.

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Sarah Cooley said...