Christmas Card Ideas

I have some simple Christmas card ideas to share with you. A favourite 'end of school year' activity in Australian schools, is a Christmas card for the family. I made these two today using some brightly coloured card, paper and crayons.

I found some awesome Quill Fluoro board at Officeworks. It is a nice and bright on one side and white on the other - perfect for cards!

For one card, I simply printed one of my 'scrappy colouring pages' and shaded it in with fluoro crayons. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how excited I was to find them. I am not being paid to tell you how much I love Micador, it is straight from the heart. All of their art materials are amazing quality and so lovely to use.

For the other card, I simply tore a rectangle and triangle from green paper to create a tree. I then tore it into strips and glued them to the card in a 'stretched' arrangement to create a tree. Tiny pieces of torn white paper makes for the snow. Perfect fine motor activity!

You can download, for free, the template for the first card. Find it my clicking on the image below. 

Find a Santa Christmas card on a blog post HERE