Book Chat: Grug

I want to share with you, Grug

He is one of my favourite book characters. 

Grug was created when the top fell off a Burrawang tree in Australia.

The author, Ted Prior has penned many Grug titles and each of them captures children's interest beautifully. I met Ted when he came to our school to talk to our students a few years ago. He talked to us about Grug, how he makes his stories and illustrations and he whipped up a Grug illustration to show us how he draws. He told us that he writes about topics and creates experiences for Grug, that he thinks are similar to the experiences of his readers.

Some of our favourites include Grug Learns to Read, Grug Goes to School and Grug and the Big Red Apple. 

My students, and my daughter have loved learning to read with Grug. I like the books because they help give students confidence in reading. They are set out with similarities to an instructional reader - but they are more like a regular story book. Students therefore find them a great little bridge between school readers and reading 'proper books'. 

I was excited to find out there is a brand new addition to the Grug collection - Grug The Suerhero
It will definitely be in a Christmas stocking in our house!

Thanks so much for stopping by!