Let's Write - Stimulus for Writing

Hi friends! Do you need to motivate your early writers? Do you struggle to get some of them to think of ideas, words and inspiration to write?

My 'Let's Write' packets will help! 

The foundation idea is that you show the students a stimulus poster, based on a theme and have a talk about it. Your students can talk about the pictures on the poster and share their personal experiences.

This works perfectly with a small group of students.

After a little discussion, brainstorm some words that were uncovered in both the chat and by looking at the poster. Write these on a portable whiteboard or chart paper. Include some key sight words your students may find useful in their writing.

Students can then write a few sentences or a short story, about the topic.

I included additional variations on the poster, to help you modify your lesson for different student levels. Your choice may also depend on your personal philosophy to teaching writing.

In each packet, is also three worksheet styles. Use can use these, or simply ask students to write in their 'writing book'. 

I plan to make lots of these packets, on a whole range of topics and themes. I have listed a 'bundle' on TpT and I will upload new additions to the bundle regularly. 

Find the bundle HERE

You can try a 'school' version for FREE this week - just click on the image below to download from google drive!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day!