Double Dice - Dice in Dice Games

I LOVE 'dice in dice' and got this tub a few years ago to make my number groups, a little more exciting. With just one throw, your students can find two numbers - one on the larger die and one on the teeny tiny little dice that is nestled inside.

I have a new packet of games that have been designed for use with these fun little cubes! 

I made the games 'easy prep' - no cutting required! All you need is the page-sized game boards, some double dice and counters - and your math tubs are good to go!

The game included are:

1. Double Dice Cover Up - students roll and add before covering a number on the game board.

2. Double Dice Take Away - students will subtract the smaller number from the other, and cover a space on the board. 

3. Double Double Make a Row - students will try to make a row of three counters, by covering totals of 2 double dice!

4. Frog Rescue - students will try to be the first to have a frog rescue the princess on their game board path! They will need to add the two numbers and find the 'biggest' number to win a space!

You can find the bundle on sale in my TpT store for the next few days - HERE 

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