Spider Legs Addition Game

I LOVE doing spidery-things in my classroom! As well as being fun and cute to draw, I find most children keenly interested in learning about spiders!

I made a simple addition game today, with a spider theme.

Students work to match the legs with the numerals! They will be working on numeral identification, counting and the beginnings of addition!

You can find it at TpT, by clicking on the image below!

You can find other 'spider' resources in my TpT store HERE

I had a rafflecopter on my blog in my last post - congratulations to Suzanna Wells-Dixon - you won the voucher! I am emailing you now!

My 3rd term break is coming to an end now and it is 'back to school' for me! I hope your weekend or term break has been fabulous too!

Have a great day!