Book Chat - Eustace and Clyde

Today I would like to show you Eustace and Clyde by Mariana Aizen. I have to admit, the insanely cute koalas and funky-chunky-font on the cover drew me in! After a quick flick through, I knew I had to have this book. 

Eustace and Clyde are two koalas that are very different - yet they are true friends. They set out in search of the perfect home, where they can be a happy, content 'pair'. 

No place seems quite right. The breeze is lovely on the beach, but it is just too hot. The thought of making snowmen is inciting, but it is just too cold. 

A range of new homes are looked at, but the koalas end up

right back where they started from. They realise that wherever they have each other, is the perfect place to be! 

Honestly, my daughter, son AND I just want to look at these adorable illustrations over and over.

I made a koala craft that you could use after reading this story to your class. 

Just copy the templates. Prepare some trays of grey paint and some small sponges. Ask your students to dab paint over the template pieces. A nice thin layer will dry quickly. Alternatively, you could ask them to shade with crayon.

Once cut out, you can assemble all the pieces with split pins (brads/paper fasteners) so that the arm, leg and ears move!
Your students can then draw a face.

I am so happy to provide this craft to you as a blog-exclusive today!

Click HERE to find the file in google drive.