Sunday, 12 October 2014

Happy Snaps Sunday

My friend Shanyn from Classroom Chit Chat has started a new Sunday Linky called "Happy Snaps Sunday" to showcase some of the happy moments in the lives of teacher bloggers! Things that make us smile. 

Today, I want to share with you, this happy snap of my little man and I at lunch. I fully acknowledge that I am 100% biased, but this little man is the SWEETEST! 

I could not have had a more perfect lunch date by my side. He was impeccably behaved, gave us lots of laughs and was thrilled to be having a water out of a grown-up-looking glass. It's the small things that make the day of a 2 year old.  I can count on one hand the number of times this little man has cried or been grumpy. Seriously. I know it is not normal, and that I am super blessed to be his mother. He smiles just about all day, and you cannot help but feel happy when he is around. 

Another thing that makes me smile - is making clipart. Love it. I made this little free set for you today. I am having a month of Clipart fun called 'OctoberFun' - it is not hyper-organised, or scheduled, just a fun, relaxed way to celebrate the love of teacher-clipart and the month of October. All my freebies and giveaways are announced on my graphics blog or Facebook

Find these ones by clicking on the image below:

Thank you so much for stopping by, head over to Shanyn's blog to find more Sunday Snaps!


Laura Schachter said...

Such fun! Your little man is adorable :)

Alison Hislop said...

Oh Mel - absolutely adorable happy snap! What ever I can do to have a son like Sam would be wonderful! Love that face!

Shanyn said...

Eeeek! I'm in love with them! Thank you so much for linking up! Xx

Jennifer Reynolds said...

LOVE your little guy and your generous freebies! Thanks for feeding my clip art addiction daily! It makes my heart happy!
Stories and Songs in Second

Mrs. Wathen said...

The kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing a little fun in October with your graphics:)

The Resourceful Apple

Jennifer White said...

He's so adorable!
First Grade Blue SKies

Cyndie at Chalk One Up for the Teacher said...

YAY!!! Two of my very favorite people! <3 <3

Pri maryWorld said...

Awww so sweet. My "baby" is away at college! I'd give anything to go back to those days:) Enjoy the blessings!
Will use your gift in a product today , already have your "spinners" and "Edge its" on it! Thanks :) Jen