Left and Right - A Bright Idea!

Hi there friends! Feel like a bright idea? Well this one is a short and simple one. 

To help your little ones learn left from right, simply trace a left hand on yellow paper and a right hand on red.

Why? Because left is 'lemon' and right is 'red'! Told you it was bright. 

Make your left hand into an obvious "L" position as this will also assist students to remember which of their hands is left. 

Now, attach these hands to the front of your classroom somewhere, on the correct side of the classroom (when the students are sitting facing the board), and leave them for the year. 

Whenever you can, incorporate the colors into the students' left and right side if you can. Pik up a red pencil with your right hand for example. Just incidental occasions through the year, when you can incorporate colors and positional language. 

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Have a great day friends!

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