Worksheet Confession

Did you have a great weekend? I hope so! I did lots of 'little bits' of lots of things I love. I never seem to get much finished lately. A little bit of cooking, a little reading, a little walking, a little drawing. Perhaps a little chocolate-eating. A little chatting. A little worksheet-making.

Do you have weekends that go round and round in circles like that?

Last week I listed a new resource in my TpT store - a "Worksheet Wonder Pack". If you are new to my blog you may not know, but I am rather partial to the odd worksheet or too. The ironic thing, perhaps, is that I do not use all THAT many in my teaching. BUT, I do love to have a huge selection to choose from when I do. And when I say a "Huge Selection to Choose From" I mean, that I just like to hoard a bazillion of them, and collect them like some people collect shoes.

I promise I am normal. Mostly.

Am I the only one? Apparently not.

Here are 2 of my 6 '4 drawer' filing cabinets that store most of them.

They are jam-packed with delicious worksheets and resources.

I love collecting them, and I have loved making them. I love variety, I love having 'all sorts'.

I have a big collection of worksheet 'one offs' that I have made. I get inspiration to make something and then often, they do not fit as past of a larger packet to sell in my resource store.

Now I have somewhere to put them! This packet will house all my 'one offs' and I do not intend to finish this packet anytime soon. Hopefully it will grow for a long long long time to come.

It is nice to have a place to put them and to see them get used! I will be adding to this packet each week, and it will be a big hodge podge of ideas to teach a variety of content areas and skills in K-2.

If you love collecting worksheets, (or even if you like to use them in your classroom), you may like to check out this file. I have it on sale for a week only!

Here is an addition worksheet I made today, it is NOT in my packet, but you can grab it from Google Drive right now! Just click on the image below.

Draw a lovely little frog with this guided step-by-step page included in the pack!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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