One Million Celebration!

My little 'ol blog reached 1 million views today! What?! How!? 

I remember getting to a couple of hundred hits, like it was yesterday. Except it was 2011 when that happened.

Well, I DO still have a 2011 calendar up. True story. I don't live for the moment. I live like it was 3 years ago. All. The. Time. 

THANK YOU! I am so humbled. It is not so grand compared to some of the super-teaching-blogs out there, but it is HUGE to me. 

I started my blog, having never really read many blogs before (me? .... who would have thought?!). I still don't feel like a 'blogger' or actually really know what I am 'supposed' to be doing. I was just very much attracted to the idea of having a free space to write a few thoughts, and most importantly connect with my 'buyers' in a more personal way. And post photos! Facebook for teachers was minimal back then, and Pinterest was not around.

My blog has always had a strong link to my digital teaching resources - I wanted them to have a voice and be able to explain themselves! I have long had a love for teaching resources, and was excited to find that there were other people like me around the world that wanted to 'see' and 'read' more about resources, teaching materials, worksheets, printables and lesson plans. 

I have also enjoyed sharing stories and anecdotes about my life as a wife, mother, teacher and tea drinker as well. Thank you for appreciating my random-ness and hodge podge of postings. 

I  found a reference to my blog once, on another site, where someone called it a 'hodge podge of random inspiration and posts'... 

You know, sometimes in life you just have to 'go with it' - so I am told - so from then on, I accepted, embraced and became comfortable with my 'randomness'. It suits my life right now, and it is truly reflective of 'me' at the moment! This is my life.

I cannot do a post like this without mentioning my 2 biggest blogging inspirations, Mrs Jump and Mrs Wills. I found both blogs early on, and I have been an avid follower ever since. My heart will always be a 'kindergarten heart', and I love that their 'kindergarten-ness' shines through in everything they do. Thank you for all the inspiration and support ladies!


I have also 'met' hundreds of other teachers and bloggers through my posts and feel it is a true blessing to be able to do this!

To celebrate this little milestone, I am giving away 4 $25 TpT gift vouchers. Just enter your details in the rafflecopter. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I would be thrilled if you kept visiting. 

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A big part of my blogging journey has been about connecting and joining in with other bloggers and teachers. I would love to do that today as well. If you have a teaching blog, please leave your link here, so I can visit and get to know you too!