Letter Sound Worksheets

My daughter and I had fun today, road-testing a new printer I purchased. I have has somewhat of a fondness for printers for a while now. In my next life it shall be shoes or handbags.

The first, I begged for received as a birthday present when I turned 13. It was dot matrix. I had to thread paper onto the wheels and the paper had little holes all down the side. It was secondhand but connected beautifully to our little Apple 2E computer... All I remember, is my mum saying "WHAT do you want to print?"......  

The other memorable printer purchase was shortly after I started working as a teacher. Home laser printing was clearly only just beginning, as I had to add my purchase onto my car loan it was so expensive... eek! But I did have very schmick print-outs!! That little Samsung never gave me one once of trouble.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and added a wireless printer to my list of printer acquisitions. It is compact, quiet and puts itself to sleep when it is not being used. The perfect 3rd baby! He he! I am hoping it has a good a track record as my first laser.

The worksheet we printed today is from my "Letter Sound Worksheets" set. It includes a sheet, perfect for your kindergarten and preschool learners, for each short letter sound of the alphabet.

For a free sample, click on the image below, and download the 'h' page from Google Drive!

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