Christmas Print and Play

Your students will love these Christmas play-on-the-page 'print and play' worksheets. Each worksheet features a 'game' component, making them much more interactive than the regular on-paper activity in the classroom!

The worksheets in this pack, have an additional level of interactivity, in that some of them are to be used by pairs of students. They can 'race' each other as they complete the worksheet together. Yes.... a good discussion about HEALTHY competition is probably needed for SOME students. I have never had an issue with this sort of thing in the classroom, as I play LOTS of games, and my students quickly realise that if they don't win today, they most probably will tomorrow! I model how and encourage my students to congratulate their peers for winning and trying hard. If you reinforce it enough, it WILL become part of your classroom culture, I promise!

For these activities, you need only the worksheet, a paper clip and some pens, crayons or pencils! There are 6 different game variations in this packet, to help you cover a big range of learning abilities.

I've picked one to show you today - 'Beat the Reindeer #2'. This worksheet has a double spinner. Students play this one on their own and the aim is to 'beat' the reindeer featured on the worksheet in a grid.

Students spin. If they land on the reindeer, they must shade ONE complete section of the grid.

As they spin the number sections, they ADD the two numbers (inner circle + outer circle) and write the SUM in one square on the game board.

They keep spinning, writing or shading. If they manage to get numbers written in each square before the reindeer is fully shaded, they have won. If the reindeer gets shaded, they have been 'beaten' by him!

This reindeer worksheet is also provided in a version that encourages simple number recognition, in case you have students that are not up to addition yet!

All 23 of my print and play worksheets can be found in this file.

And I would love you to try this one for FREE! Click to grab it from Google Drive!

We read one of my favorite books today - The Little Crooked Christmas Tree!

I sketched this crooked tree worksheet as a color-in for your students also. Give them bright colored markers or crayons and encourage them to make it as colorful as possible. They will really pop with each section shaded a different color. You can download it free from google drive: Christmas Tree Coloring Page