Santa is Dropping Gifts!

I love fixing things up and making them better, I always have - I blame my dad for that! I just updated a few items in my store. First one is my popular FREE game - Santa's Sleigh Drop. It has been downloaded  close to 20, 000 times but a super sleuth popped in to tell me she preferred her math sentences with full stops (periods). Well, what better motivation for me than to overhaul the whole thing! 

So I added a few additional pages and refreshed the formatting. You can find it HERE if you would like the updated copy.

The game includes ten AND twenty frames and will help your little learners with early subtraction.

It is best to teach early subtraction with words, not symbols. The difficulty lies in the fact that most little kinder students do not read many words. So I have deliberately kept the language and grammar SIMPLE so that they do not get overwhelmed with too many words! Effective kindergarten teaching is about starting with the most simple language patterns possible, and building up.

You may need to do some prior teaching before you play this game, and introduce the sentences that feature on each card. The first number is in green and the second in red. Teach your students to GO with green and STOP with red! This will scaffold them towards looking just at the numbers, and ignoring the words... which is where you want this to lead. 

Use any classroom equipment as 'gifts' on the sleigh game boards. 

My Gingerbread People got a little makeover too. I also added some plain gingerbread people that would be perfect for activities and centres (you can add content to their tummy!). 

The next review was LONG overdue! Here is the thumbnail (don't laugh) of one of my first eBay products in 2005 - Write'n'Wipe boards for numeral writing review. Featuring some of my very early clipart (yes cupcakes were a theme for me even back then!)

Now they are looking a little different, but still perfect for K-2 learners! 

It also motivated me to get them listed on TpT! The website is next, and yes I will do them in Aussie fonts!

Because I love giving gifts away just as much as Santa, please feel free to enter the rafflecopter below to win a $50 TpT gift voucher. I truly appreciate my kind supporters, and love to give back to you! I may not always get to answer each and every blog comment and feedback comment that you make, but I do read them all. This is my way of saying thanks! 

 I wish I could send you all one, imagine the fun spending that voucher! 

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

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