Race and Trace!

I just got home after a little 3 day break in a precious piece of the world - Shoal Bay. I have not been away on a 'vacation' in so long its embarrassing to tell, but this will recharge my batteries for the next few years I hope. I am one of those people that prefers to live through the week at home with little touches of luxury, rather than saving for a week or two of vacation-luxury. I am a true homebody. I am also truly blessed to be so happy in my everyday life that I don't need to 'escape' it too often. My children adored their time away, with sun-shiny days, pure almost-white sand and crystal clear blue water! It was precious to see them explore the world beyond our normal routine. 

No sooner did we get home, than it started 'what can I do now mum'?! 

I asked Miss 6 to try one of the worksheets from my new resource. I wanted to provide her with a fun way of completing valuable handwriting and letter formation practice.

Race and Trace can be found in my TpT store HERE

Each worksheet sees your student help to 'race' the letters to see which is completed first. 

An easy spinner is provided on the worksheet - just use a paper clip and pencil. 

As they spin a letter, they trace it! The first shape to have all letters traced is the winner. 

Your students can add up how many letters of each they traced. This activity can be easily adapted to make it a partner activity, with two students working on the same worksheet - just ask students to use a different colour. 

They got the tick of approval when my Little Miss 6 said to me "Mum, these are the best worksheets EVER'! 

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