Pin the Tail on the Bird

My daughter did a painting of some cute little birds, sprinkling sale on to change how the paint dried. 

I made these cute little bird counting cards after our art-making. There is a bird for each number 1-10. We did lots of activities with them that you could also use in the classroom. Here are a few ideas on how to differentiate and cater for all your levels of children in number. 

1. Numeral Identification - use the cards for a quick number recognition activity - spread them out face up, call a number and get your students to 'catch the bird' with that numeral on it.

2. Counting - get your students to put the cards in number order and count them. Count forwards and backwards.

3. Matching Quantities - ask your students to pin the same number of clothespins/pegs onto each bird to become their tail feathers!

Bird counting

4. Counting-on - Ask your students to peg on the number of feathers to make a total of ten. In this example, my daughter pegged 6 more to make a total of ten on the 4 bird.

Bird Counting

5. Addition - peg two birds together with the same number of pegs as the combined total of teh two numerals. So if the 2 and 3 birds were put together, students join them with 5 pegs. 

You can download these bird templates from Google Drive for free. Find them HERE