Word Family Flip Flap Houses

The term 'Word Families' really means any set of words that carry a similarity. When I think of word families however, I mainly think of the vowel-consonant combinations that come in cvc words, for example.

After my kindies have learnt a good chunk of their single sounds and short vowel sounds, I am on to these! Get them blending! I got more confident with this after using the Jolly Phonics program. It suggests teaching students to blend cvc words after learning the first 6 sounds.. why not!?

Looking at cvc (and some ccvc and cvcc) words within a framework of 'word families' is a good way of introducing a spelling program of sorts in the kindergarten program. I like to focus on a different short vowel for every 2 week period. 

This new set of worksheets in my TpT store will help you to work with short vowels, word families and cvc words (a few ccvc are included also). You can use them as individual worksheet, or group them together to make a student workbook. 

Each page has a different word family house. Students use the pictures to help them write word-window flaps. 

Students love to lift flaps to see what is underneath, and this book will become a favourite way for them to remember their learning of word families!

You can find it HERE in my TpT store, and I will have it listed at 50% off for the first 24 hours!

And speaking of houses - here is a very cute haunted one - to remind you that there is a super fun blog hop on its way! Stay tuned - you will not want to miss it! 

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