Fun Homework for Kindergarten!

This packet came about because I wanted to create something for my daughter to work on now that she is ready to learn to spell sight words more accurately. I needed something that could be easy to implement while I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner. We find this a good time for her to do her daily reader and also to chat about her day at school. I am usually peeling vegetables or chopping something, and for some reason, probably because I am finally standing relatively still, we have found it a very useful pocket of time. 

The refrigerator in my house is somewhat of a central meeting place of sorts. Not only has little man Sam just become keenly interested with its contents, but my daughter has long adored displaying her drawings and paper creations on it. From when she was around 3 years old, I made it an important part of her life to have her work displayed and talked about. Not only is it a great way to enrich language, but I think it really helped with her understanding of reading and writing. We would point to and talk about all her drawings to anyone and everyone that came in the house. She gradually learnt to do this herself - and now at age 6 she still proudly show Grandma and Grandpa what her newest addition to the fridge is all about. In a very natural way she learnt that her written work, both pictures and her first attempts at writing, had meaning. REAL meaning. She developed language, memory, recall, communication skills and most importantly FELT what it was to be literate.

I have two sides covered in drawings, painting, certificates, photos, school reminders and magnetic letters. The other side featured little invitations, notes, phone numbers etc that I have jotted down on little bits of paper. Once a fortnight, I do like to do a sweep and tidy it up, but it quickly becomes a giant white hub of communication again quite quickly!

So what better way to help us both focus on some sight word spelling practice than to use a place that is already working so well for us - the fridge!

This packet has 35 pages, each featuring 2 or 3 sight words for the week. Students will undertake each activity on the worksheet, on each night Mon-Thurs. 

After pointing to each work and reading it, students can shade in the day to show that it has been completed. 

Your students can then BUILD each word, one at a time, with magnetic letters in the work space provided. 

Similar to my Spin and Trace worksheets that I made a few years ago, students can spin a word and a colour to practice writing the words!

The spinners on these sheets are 'double' spinners so your students will only have to spin once. They look at the colour and word combination. 

And write 5 words each night on their worksheet.

It should only take a few minutes each night to complete this homework - perfect for Kindergarten and busy families! If you would like to try these homework sheets, I have listed the set at TpT for 50% off for the first 24 hours! Find it by clicking on the image below:

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