Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Try a Number Book!

I would love for you to try my 'Number Books' so I have made the 'number 3' version, free for the moment. The idea of these books, is that they provide a whole week of SEQUENCED learning. 

You print, copy, staple and cut a book for each student, and after you have taught each of the concepts, students can record their learning in their number book. 

I have made a book for each number 1-10 so far, and you can find these bundled together in a mega pack, over in my TpT store. You can save over 50% by purchasing the bundle. 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy using the free sample!


Alison Hislop said...

Mel! I love the look of this booklet! Thank you for being so creative and sharing!

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep! said...

These are amazing! Off to wishlist them for my new Preppies next January.

Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Jen Jen Qld said...

Great idea, I love how they will match your sound and word family booklets which my preppies love:)
I will be purchasing these asap!!!!!
Will you be doing 11- 20 and/or in an Australian font?
Cheers Jenny

Mel - From the Pond said...

Thank you Jenny! You are so kind. I do want to do them in Aussie fonts, I am trying to get them done now. And yes 11-20 is on the to do list! I need another 2 days in the week! Mel x

Raevers said...

I didn't even need to d/l the preview to know I wanted this! And, I got the bundle ON SALE!! WOO HOO!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this and all your products! thanks!

Christin W. said...

This looks AWESOME! I'm so excited to see what the 11-20 pack looks like. I am off to purchase this bundle!!

Shifting Teacher K-2