Learning Sight Words

In Kindergarten, I primarily focus on teaching students to READ sight words. We work on lots of recognition activities, where students have to see the word as a whole.  The first stage of sight word recognition is learning to see the word as a whole shape. We talk a little about the letters within the word, but it is not the focus. Towards the end of their year in Kinder, I might start some spelling activities, where we start to look at the order and placement of letters in the word.

These 'First Day Worksheets' are perfect for the day you first introduce a new word to your class. The students will have a good record of the shape of the word. 

They can also practice fine motor skills by tracing the lines within each letter. 

Students can then take the worksheet home, to communicate with their families, their new learning - hang it up somewhere and develop a good visual memory of the shape of their new word. 

You can find these worksheets in our TpT store.. 

and try a free sample, by clicking to download from Google Drive... 

Have a great day!

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