Speedy Work and A Sale!

I thought I might take a moment to explain how my "Speedy Work Desk Motivator" works.

I made it with the student-that-has-difficulty-staying-on-task-at-his-desk in mind! So it is primarily for desk work. 

The idea is that your target students receive a desk mat to place on their desk. There are 4 spaces to secure (with velcro dots or blu-tac) a picture of the tasks you would like them to complete. Put them in task order. 

As the student completes each task, he/she may remove the picture card - and an affirming 'tick' will be revealed!

Once the last task is completed, the student will find the checkered flag or 'finish line' revealed! 

On display, in your classroom each day is the finish posetr reward chart. Switch out the reward to keep things fresh and motivating. Just attach a little sample of the reward so your student can visually see what is up for grabs. In the example I have put a sheet of stickers to represent that the student would receive a sticker for getting to the finish line. 

Two desk mat sizes are included.

And USA and English/Aussie spellings. 

It also features large teacher cards - these are great for putting at the front of the class and using to motivate the whole class. A student can come out and replace the picture with a check (tick) as each task is completed by the entire class.

You can find it in my store HERE - and its on sale! 

In fact, EVERYTHING in my store is on sale until 19th August (USA time). It is time to empty that wishlist!

Congratulations to Amy F who won a $25 voucher to my store in our recent blog hop! Also to Susan and Katy who each won a $50 gift voucher!