Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sweet Notes Folder

I need a folder to house all the 'sweet notes' I receive as a teacher from my students. 

All you need to make you own is a folder, the printable cover pages (free at the end of this post) and some sheet protectors.

Type your name on the front and print the cover and spine label. Slide them in and its ready! 

Pop some sheet protectors in and now you're ready to display all the 'sweet notes' you get from your students!

I used the font KG Beneath Your Beautiful for this file!

You can grab your FREE copy from google drive, by clicking on the links below. I have made an A4 and US Letter version!

I know I saw this idea somewhere, and I think it was on my friend Brooke's blog, but for the life of me I cannot find her post! Forgive me Brooke for making my own version!
Thanks so much for visiting friends!


dkbsubbeav said...

Thank you so much for these! I have been trying to decide what to call this book and here you built the perfect thing for me.

Paul Smith said...

Nice. A very beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas in education. Good work! Good luck with your new school year.

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Diane R said...

I have one of these binders, too. For my fifth graders, I just simply called it "Pictures for Mrs. R".

Fifth in the Middle