Lego / Legos Storage

My daughter has been LOVING Lego (do you say Legos in the US?) for the last 3 years. We have accumulated quite a bit. It makes an excellent gift, and when people ask me what to buy her - I say 'Lego'! She is VERY good at building things. I pass all credit over to my hubby - he got her started and had the patience to sit and teach her the basics.

We have been looking for a good storage solution for a while. We have tried just about everything. At lest we have found something that I think will be perfect. Drawers! On wheels! Portable. Easy to hide when guests come over. And best yet, you can slide the drawers out and carry them to a work space. 

I think we covered just about all the options to sort her Lego. You can download the labels I used from google drive HERE if you would like to make your own Lego drawers!

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