Monday, 19 August 2013

Organizing Your Counters / Chips

I have always had little plastic tubs of counters (you might call them 'chips') in my classroom, in ready-to-go sets of ten and twenty. It makes small group learning a breeze and allows for more fluid activities and learning targets. You can set up an activity quickly as you respond to daily growth in counting and arithmetic strategies. You can quickly hand out exact sets of counters and implement a hands-on activity in minutes. This year I was introduced to a great idea for storing containers of counters. I normally use up a few of my precious tote-trays (tubs) with my sets. This idea will save you so much space as you can screw them to the wall! 

They are sewing/craft organizers. For my Australian friends, I found these ones at Big W - and they are on sale this week for $10 (normally $15). 

Each section has three round clear plastic tubs that screw together. I added a sticker for my sets of ten and twenty. If you have older students,  you could make sets of 50 or 100!

Simply untwist them to hand them out to your students. 

Then each set of 3 sits nicely in the bracket. TOO easy! Is it sad that I am looking forward to full time work again so I can gets these babies screwed up on the wall!! I am thinking in a nice little spot that cannot be filled with cute posters or shelving! I am ALL about making every space in the classroom useful, functional (and cute if possible)!

Speaking of counters, as well as having sets like these, I also like to have numbered sets. Just write numbers on with a marker and use them for number sequencing and counting activities - like my new 'Piggy in the Middle'.

This game/center can be used as a write'n'wipe activity OR use numbered counters - students work out the number that comes in the middle of the sequence. 

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Jenny Quld said...

What a great idea!
I am off to Big W asap :)

I use very similar containers for each dice: easy to shake and it stop them from flying over the room.

Alex Paterson said...

Great idea, will definitely keep an eye out at Big W.


Kate said...

Can you tell me the brand of these. I am curious to see if I can find them online.


Julie Stowe said...

Good old Big W. I definitely need these containers! I have been using soap boxes which works okay but would prefer this clean look...less absolute winner. Now I'd like one of your cute graphics as a label for the wall...
Thanks for this tip.
Julie :-)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Quilty Cat said...

Hope my local Big W has them! So good to have an Aussie blog to write about items we can buy here in Australia.
Thank you!

weety said...

Yes, please share the name & brand of this item. I'm searching on Amazon, but can't seem to find anything even close! What are the measurements of the little jars?

aparna john said...

Hi, Nice idea about Organizing Your Counters.Thanks..