Addition Within 20 - Apples

Helping students learn fundamental math skills takes lots of practice - engaging activities make that practice fun. Your first graders will be learning to add within 20. Here is a practical warm up or game you can play to help them practice, understand addition and discover concepts as they play. 

I'm using the apple game mat from this set. You can play with a folded piece of paper or card too.

addition within 20

  • ask your students to collect 15 counters
  • have them discover different ways to split the 15 - putting some onto each side of the apple
  • repeat with other numbers and have your students draw a picture or record their findings with symbols - eg. 12+3=15, 10+5=15

adding within 20

math games for first grade

This activity provides a hands-on and engaging way for first-grade students to learn addition within 20. By using counters, children can physically manipulate the numbers and see different ways to make 20. This activity also helps children develop their number sense and their understanding of addition as a way to combine quantities.

The Amazing Apples printable pack has other resources included for more ways to play too - find it in my store ready to print!