Dinosaur Addition

Addition Fluency Using a Ten Frame

Addition fluency is a critical skill for kindergarten students to develop. It is the ability to recall addition facts quickly and accurately, without having to count. Practicing first with a ten frame and counting strategies leads to fluency.

Here is a game for addition practice, using a ten frame, 2 dice, and counters. I'm using the dinosaur ten frames from the Math Kit.

dinosaur addition


  • A ten frame
  • 2 dice
  • Counters


  • Place the ten frame on a table in front of the student.
  • Roll the 2 dice.
  • Place counters on the ten frame to represent each number - make the bigger number first.
  • Count the cubes/counters altogether (encourage counting-on from the larger number).
  • For example, roll 5 and 3. Count the 5 onto the frame and then add 3 more, counting 6, 7, 8.
  • Talk about how many more to make 10.
addition on a ten frame

  • To make the activity more challenging, use dice with more dots (and multiple ten frames to build larger numbers). 
  • To make the activity more engaging, use fun ten frames like this dinosaur!
  • To assess students' progress, ask them to complete an addition and observe their counting/addition. 
addition dinosaur card

Using a ten frame, 2 dice, and counters to teach addition fluency has many benefits. 

This activity is:
  • Hands-on and engaging: Students are actively involved in the learning process, which helps them to retain information more effectively.
  • Visual: The ten frame provides a visual representation of the addition facts, which helps students to understand the concepts behind them.
  • Interactive: Students can work together to complete the activity, which helps them to develop their social skills and cooperation skills.
  • Fun: Students enjoy playing games, and this activity makes learning addition fluency fun!