Ice Cream Addition Worksheets

addition worksheets for summer

Add some sweet engagement to your addition review with our ice cream pages!

You can review or assess addition at a wide range of levels using the one pack.

Students will add the numbers, or find the missing addend to solve each ice cream sum.

Included are 15 different pages:add 1 or 2 within 5
  • add 1 or 2 within 10
  • add single digits
  • doubles (up to 5)
  • doubles (up to 9)
  • near doubles (up to 9)
  • add within 20 (3 pages)
  • missing addend to make 5
  • missing addend to make 10
  • missing addend to 10
  • missing addend to 20
  • 2 digit without trading
  • 2 digit with trading
9 of the pages are repeated - these feature an alternative style - 2 numerals to add rather than a numeral and dot pattern. Use the dot pattern pages for students who need support to develop mental strategies and the numeral pages for those more confident.

addition page for summer

Over in the coloring club library you can also find a roll and color page!

free summer addition game

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