Language Game

I love having no-prep language games ready to play for lesson transitions and warm-ups. As students develop reading skills it is helpful for them to be in a language-rich learning environment. The more words they hear and use, the better! Language games give them a meaningful opportunity to speak, listen and learn from others - expanding their vocabulary wile developing classroom community and working together. 

Here is one that will require your students to think about objects/things. You could even link it in with a lesson on nouns or a theme you are working on by adjusting the word list.

The children will be thinking about 
  • the features of the objects
  • how the objects/things are used
  • comparing and contrasting
  • selecting specific vocabulary for an object

Tell me the Difference Language Game

  • use a timer to set a limit - vary to reflect the age of your students
  • encourage students to think about how the things are similar and how they are different
  • tell your students a pair of words, provide some thinking time and choose a student to explain the difference
  • there is no winner, correct answer or too many rules - just lots of encouragement to develop language and specific vocabulary

Some word pairs could be:

  • turtle/crab
  • kite/parachute
  • beach/swimming pool
  • cup/glass
  • gate/fence
  • door/window
  • pencil/marker
  • paper/ribbon
  • apple/orange
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