Rainbow Breathing

Did you see the new rainbow page in the coloring club today? I want to tell you about a special no-prep activity you can do along with it to support your precious learners.

Help them be mindful and ready for learning with a breathing brain break! They can stand up, stretch and focus on their breath! Being able to focus on their breath may help them calm down during challenging situations in the future.

This fun exercise is called Rainbow Breathing. You may like to introduce it with our new screen wallpaper for your electronic board.

Ask your students to stand in the learning space, listen and follow your directions:
  • there is a shape of a rainbow going up and over your body, from one foot - all the way up and then over your head and down the other side to your other foot - you're standing under it (make an arc movement over your body like a rainbow)
  • stand nice and tall on your spot and imagine you are under your rainbow
  • breathe in slowly, imagining all the lovely soft air going into your heart - in the middle of your rainbow
  • breathe out and imagine your breath being a color from the rainbow
  • what color is your breath?
  • what does your color feel like? (repeat several times, suggesting a change of color if desired)
  • now breathe in and imagine your breath sliding up and over the rainbow (like the crawling critters on our wallpaper)
  • exhale and imagine your breath coming back down the other side of your body, sliding down the rainbow to your feet 
  • imagine your breath going up and down your rainbow from one foot to the other
Repeat this several times, encouraging students to think about their breath. 

Hopefully they will be more focused, calm and energized for learning!

Along with our rainbow worm wallpaper that integrates nicely with this breathing exercise, you will find 5 more fun designs to dazzle your screens! 

  1. sunny day
  2. tiger
  3. shark
  4. octopus cave
  5. fish
classroom digital wallpapers

They look great on your board, computers, devices and phones. Switch to a new one each week for a fun, fresh start! 

rainbow wallpaper

tiger wall

shark wallpaper

octopus garden wallpaper

fish wallpaper

sunny wallpaper

If you're in the Coloring Club, you'll find some pages to use on the weeks you use the wallpaper - or anytime!

Some cute tigers:

A free summer shark countdown page:

An octopus cave drawing page (and here is an engaging visualization for auditory memory):

And some matching fish for visual discrimination:

I hope your students love learning about rainbow breathing and it helps them when they need it most!