Auditory Memory with Octopus

Help your students learn visualization and build auditory memory (both great for early literacy development) with The Octopus Cave!

Have your students sit comfortably before you and encourage them to listen attentively.
  • tell your students that you will help them create a picture in their mind
  • tell them you will help them think about how things go together in the picture in their mind
  • tell them that you know about a special cave for an octopus in the ocean
  • suggest that it would be nice to visit the cave and see the octopus but to gain entry they need to remember a secret message
  • tell them you will help them create a visualization to remember the secret message
  • tell them a secret message - a list of words (depending on your students auditory memory, select an appropriate number of words)
  • e.g. The secret message is: fish, seaweed, rocks
  • encourage students to make a little story with the words and then to picture the story in their mind - e.g. In my story, I see a fish swimming through seaweed. There are rocks underneath.
  • tell your students to now imagine swimming down to the octopus cave, thinking about their story as they go
  • provide some time and let students make some gentle sea/ocean movements as they imagine swimming down to the bottom of the ocean
  • now ask one student to share the secret message (list of words in correct order) after thinking about the picture in their mind
  • encourage students to turn to a partner and tell the secret message
  • repeat with new words and stories, increasing the number of words in the list as your students get better with visualization and auditory memory
We have a page in the Premium Club for your learners to draw something in the octopus cave too!

octopus coloring