Clam Craft

Over in the free Pond Coloring Club library today, I am sharing with you a clam tracing page! Your students may like to trace in marker or crayon and then paint with soft watercolor shades.

After cutting they will make a beautiful bright contribution to a summer, ocean or beach themed bulletin board!

Have you read Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks with your students? It is delightful and full of beautiful illustrations. 

After reading you could add the title to your clam themed summer reading challenge!

Going to the beach may be something your children are looking forward to as summer approaches. 
  • talk about summer with your students
  • brainstorm and make a list of fun summer activities - be sure to include some that all students in your class can access
  • read through the list with your students for modelled reading
  • ask students to turn and talk with a partner about their top 5 choices
  • perhaps they may like to record them on a little craft bucket to take home