Long i Craftivity - My Fly

Mr Fly is a fun and creative way you can incorporate your students' handprints into their art and craft work. Why use handprints in the classroom? It helps build little learners self identity and awareness. Displaying and valuing them in the classroom also builds community!

Mr Fly can help you draw attention to the 'y as long i' sound. If you do Jolly Phonics - this can be introduced as early as kindergarten! 

Use the pieces in this free file to help your students create their own Mr Fly!

Students paint 2 handprints to help make the fly's wings. 

If you have the time - ask students to print 3 or 4 sets of hands on additional pieces of paper. When dry, file these away for future art projects. It saves so much time! 

You could also have a 'hand painting day' where you ask a parent helper to assist you with making the multiple sets of hands for your whole class. Set up a table adjacent to your classroom and select students 1 or 2 at a time to go and do their painting while you continue with your regular program. When you next want to incorporate hands into your projects you won't have to drag out the paint and mess. Remember to ask students to write their names on all their extra handprint pages.

Find the printable packet for Mr Fly, HERE in my TpT store!

If you'd love more handprint craft ideas for your class program, find this packet in my store:

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