Owl Paper Craft + Reader

I've added an owl themed reader to our Print Cut Make Reader Ultimate Pack

To complete these readers, students color the 5 or 6 pictures that are included and carefully cut them out (all have easy cutting lines perfect for preschool and kindergarten scissor skills). 

They then read the simple text on each page and find the picture to match. This can be done step-by-step as a whole class and give you the opportunity to present some reading strategies in context.

If you have the ULTIMATE PACK you will find that it has been added today along with 3 other new titles.

To expand the learning experience in your classroom, have the students make the owl from their story using paper or the templates in THIS packet.

The template pieces can be easily printed and prepped. Ask your students to shade/paint them and you are ready to go! Alternatively you could copy them on brightly colored paper.

If you are keen to try this simple and fun craft, head over HERE to find it!

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- Mel x