Pumpkin Paper Folding Activity

Make some gorgeous {but simple} pumpkin crafts with your little learners with a few simple materials!

I will be honest with you - paper folding takes a tiny bit extra patience than a regular art lesson - but with a clearly demonstrated whole class lesson where you model the steps first, your sweeties will begin to get the hang of it in no time.

You will need squares of orange, pink and green paper.

1. Fold your paper in half and pinch the sides - do not fold all the way through.

2. Here is where your folds will be:

3. Flip the paper over and fold each corner from the center marks. These can be randomly measured - this way each pumpkin will be different and uniquely shaped.

Secure each flap down with a small amount of glue.

4. Measure a green rectangle that is the width of the top of your pumpkin.

5. If capable, ask students to scallop cut an edge to the rectangle and glue to the top of your pumpkin. Cut another rectangle from scraps to create a pumpkin stem.

6. Free cut some hearts of circles for the cheeks and add extra detail with a Sharpie. 

Voila! Happy pumpkin! 

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- Mel x