Autumn Pop Stick Crafts

We made good use of our time in the recent school term break by sorting and then using lots of materials in our craft cupboard. We've noticed so many amazing Popsicle Stick Crafts on Pinterest  for autumn and after looking through the feed of amazing ideas, went ahead and made some!

This activity may have also been influenced by the fact that our 'pop stick' drawer in the craft cupboard was full and we still had 3 tubs to empty. Anyone else buy a packet at the dollar store EVERY time they are there?

We decided to use some up.

We made 4 crafts - a scarecrow, witch, jack-o-lantern and scarecrow. The basic structure was to create a square. 

We lined two sticks with PVA glue,

and placed sticks on end-to-end.

A third stick in the middle was also glued on to help support. 

Extra detail sticks were glued to the back once the main square was dry.

Mr Sam made the pumpkin, so excuse the sticky-finger marks. 

To add facial features, I printed out some elements and we cut, arranged and glued them into position.

You could use felt, buttons, cardboard and other crafty details. If you would like to print them like we did - grab them from Google Drive HERE

If you love doing craft at home or in the classroom, you may like to look through my Paper Crafts and One Page Crafts collection on TpT. 

If you have as many pop sticks as me, consider following my Popsicle Stick Ideas board on Pinterest as I love saving fun and cute projects for future reference. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I appreciate you so much!

- Mel x