Pumpkin Writing

Sam and I had fun this morning reading some pumpkin books and doing a very early introduction to 'writing' and sentence making.

We've somehow accumulated a few more pumpkin books on the shelf. I had one or two on there, but Sam has been pretty keen to learn more. Stay tuned, we may be planting a pumpkin vine in a nice sunny unused patch in our yard.

I did a 'transformation' with him first. I wrote a 'story' (sentence) on a sentence strip and modelled how to point and read. We then cut it up, mixed it and put it back together. We talked about spaces between words and having them positioned to make sense when read.

I took the opportunity to use a worksheet from one of my packets, which is essentially a mini-version of our lesson. Sam could practice all the skills we had worked on together, independently. 

The packet is a Halloween version of our popular "Sentence Maker" resource. It is a collection of worksheets that will help ALL your students with the reading and writing process - not just your emergent learners..

There are four versions of each of the six worksheets

  • Cut and Paste - these are for your newest learners, who are only beginning to understand the concept of a word, and a sentence and how we put them together to make meaning. Students paste the words into correct order to match the model
  • Trace - for students that have a good understanding of words and sentences, and are ready to learn to write themselves
  • Copy - for students who are able to form most letters of the alphabet correctly and are learning to copy print from model
  • Write - for students beginning to write independently and who can try to sound-out and write their own words

This file features teaching tips and twenty four worksheets that you are able to print and photocopy for your own classroom use only.

We loved writing and followed it up with some math games. Then we had some chocolate. I was a tad emotional after realising how fast 6 years travels by. I remember this day like it was yesterday. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate you so much. 

- Mel x