Thursday, 22 June 2017

Who loves TpT?

Friends - one of my favourite places in the world is TpT. Yes it is true. I was telling a friend only just last week about my years on the site and how there is so much more to the teacher-author community than what you see on the product pages of the online marketplace. 

I've made friends I will have for life, been involved in amazing professional development and been a small part of something that is changing the way teachers prepare, collaborate and engage across the globe.

Please support TpT. The heart and soul of TpT is teachers and there is no other place quite like it. 

I would love to give some $10 gift certificates away today as part of my 'week of goodies'.

Simply enter you email address here when the rafflecopter opens. Rafflecopter will select the winners at random tomorrow. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today - I appreciate you very much!

- Mel x


Kindergarten Matters said...

I have only been following you for a little while and have really enjoyed your blog, Love seeing a fellow Aussie doing such great stuff.
Thanks for all the freebies love them all,

Carrie Jones said...

I agree with you, Mel. TpT is a really great place! It renewed my energy in the classroom when I found it almost 6 years ago via Pinterest. Two years later, I took the plunge to create things and actually post them in my store. The creativity piece is what drives me the most, in the classroom and as I put together resources that I use in my classroom. As a result, it has been fun to connect with so many teachers and artists like yourself as I have searched for my favorite clipart as well as fabulous resources! I have been able to discuss with my class lots of different places around the world when I tell them where a particular teacher-author lives. The students love that connection! Thank you for your fun creativity and generosity as you connect with teachers through TpT and through different social media platforms. I am always entertained and appreciative!


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