Sunrise Directed Art Freebie

Friends, a big sunny hello to you!

I have a fun directed drawing art activity freebie to brighten your day today, but before I get to that, I wanted to show you a couple of other sunshiny resources that are currently on sale!

Sunshine Sticks will provide you with an engaging and fun way to insert some kindness and sunshine into your students' day. Simply pick a stick and get the sweeties to perform the fast and simple act of kindness with a friend on the mat. A blackline version is also included and blank sticks for you to create your own ideas

Create a warm and happy entrance to your classroom with a fresh new door display! This is also suitable for walls, boards and windows. Students will LOVE hearing that you think they are SUN-sational too!

I've also added a sun themed fact banner and craftivities to my respective growing bundles!


Also currently on sale is my new Summer Directed Drawing packet! 

To celebrate - here is an additional project - sunrise! 

After drawing step-by-step, your students can color, paint or crayon their picture.

We had so much fun doing these this afternoon! 

Grab the freebie HERE from google drive!

Have a wonderful and happy day friends, thank you so much for stopping by and joining me in a Sunshine Funshine week!

- Mel x