A Week of Sweet Treats just for You!

Hi friends! 

If you've been following me for a while you will know that I like to make my desk and work area here at home pretty and change it up each week to keep me inspired and engaged. I am a little like that when I am in the classroom too! Fresh new visuals warm my heart! 

This week, I had 'ice creams' down on my calendar to decorate with (last week you may have noticed it was sunshine). I have extended this concept to bring you a whole week of sweet treats rather than just the regular wall planner that I love to share! 

Each day I will have something little to make your day a little sweeter - a giveaway, freebie, sale or idea! If you don't have time to regularly check Instagram and Facebook, you can always hop over here and click this little button in my sidebar:

For you today, the treat is here on my blog! I have made a fresh new computer and phone wallpaper. My sister got me started with these a few weeks back, requesting some nice designs for her home office. I hope you like them too! Thanks Kaz for bugging me to do them!

This week of course, I have gone with the ice cream theme and combined a bit of rainbow too - heck, as teachers don't we always add a bit of rainbow order whenever we can?!?

Find the Computer Wallpaper in google drive HERE

and the Phone Wallpaper HERE

These are strictly for your own personal use and  you do not have permission to distribute them to others in any way. Sorry. That sounds bossy doesn't it. Still love you! If you know someone who would love them, send them over here to download. Please and thank you so much. 

As usual, I also have a printable weekly plan for you to use this week. They look great on your wall, desk, folder, diary or in your planner. Jot down ideas, activities, inspirations or goals. 

Find the Ice Cream Wall Weekly Planner HERE

I recently sent out a newsletter (sign up if you'd like to - its in the sidebar over to the right on my blog homepage) to remind you that I have just listed a growing bundle of 'one page crafts'. The price will go up with each new addition, so if you are keen to buy in early - head over to my TpT store today!

These crafts are a ton of fun, easy to prep and implement and have coordinating writing papers to extend your creative experience into a literacy lesson. 

Thank you so much for stopping by - I look forward to our sweet week together! 
Enjoy your weekend. 

- Mel x

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