Classroom Needed + Getting Planned

Do you use a Day Planner? I LOVE mine and cannot function in the classroom without it! I created a very fancy version (Happy Garden theme) of my Day Planner last year and posted it on TpT and our website - in case you have not seen it, I have posted a few pictures at the end of this post. I custom made all the graphics and borders and just adore the colour scheme. I have included blackline pages for those on a limited print budget.

I print out all the pages for my Day Planner and get it bound (as I describe in the file). I quickly got tired of a big bulky folder and found that by having it bound, it was not as heavy to carry around. After a few years I now have my own binder... I went through a binding stage....everything got spiral bound! Seriously though, I do find it a very practical way to keep everthing together without using big heavy folders - it just takes a bit of organisation.

 Included pages in my file are:
- front cover page,
- 3 section title pages,
- 5 various Class Information grids,
- school event payment/note tracking grid,
- classroom helpers grid,
- classroom groups grid,
- classroom timetable and
- a weekly day overview

I am planning to add some more pages to this packet very soon and also make it customizable, so you can type in your information instead of writing by hand.

Speaking of Day Planners and classroom organisation.....I have been working on some very special graphics for the last few months.... I have been calling them 'Pond Kids' and the name seems to be sticking.....I am learning so many new skills as I draw each kid..... but I am quite fussy and getting the details just right is a pain stakingly long process when you are excited to get something finished.... I feel like I have been working on them forever... it began in February just with the faces and I have been doing little bits each day. I have six boys and six girls done so far and hope to have them in all different positions and poses.

I have so many ideas for these little Pond Kids, and hope to make some theme-based versions as well.

I have started with these two resources, which you can print out to use for displays in your classroom. With the alphabet one for example, you could print out the letters that spell WELCOME for an attractive welcome display in your classroom.

I am looking for someone that currently has a classroom to trial my new Pond Friends classroom decor and themed resources for me. Currently there are only these two, but I have a few more to add..... I would email the files to you for free in return for a few photos of how you used the products in your classroom, that I could add to my blog posts. Perhaps you are looking for a new theme in your room? You could also suggest some specific classroom decor items you need and I can add these to the collection. If you are interested, please contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me (contact details are here on my blog).

Here is some close ups of my Day Planner. If you are one of the lucky people that already have this product, be on the look out for a product update notice soon :)

You can see my Happy Garden Day Planner HERE

I uploaded this to TpT. Click on the image above to track it down!