Classroom Needed + Getting Planned

Do you use a Day Planner? I LOVE mine and cannot function in the classroom without it! I created a very fancy version (Happy Garden theme) of my Day Planner last year and posted it on TpT and our website - in case you have not seen it, I have posted a few pictures at the end of this post. I custom made all the graphics and borders and just adore the colour scheme. I have included blackline pages for those on a limited print budget.

I print out all the pages for my Day Planner and get it bound (as I describe in the file). I quickly got tired of a big bulky folder and found that by having it bound, it was not as heavy to carry around. After a few years I now have my own binder... I went through a binding stage....everything got spiral bound! Seriously though, I do find it a very practical way to keep everthing together without using big heavy folders - it just takes a bit of organisation.

 Included pages in my file are:
- front cover page,
- 3 section title pages,
- 5 various Class Information grids,
- school event payment/note tracking grid,
- classroom helpers grid,
- classroom groups grid,
- classroom timetable and
- a weekly day overview

You can see my Happy Garden Day Planner HERE