Blending cvc Words

One of the many resources I have on-the-go at the moment is a cvc word work packet. Seriously, I am not sure where my parents failed me, but I am not happy until I have about 20 projects happening all at least is a bad habit I cannot seem to break.....

There are three different ways to blend a cvc word when reading (and writing). A cvc word is a word that is in a consonant-vowel-consonant combination.

I always teach the c-v-c way first, but once my students have that under control, I quickly move onto the other two. Being confident in recognising instantly the word family clusters like ab, ad, id, ix, eg, et, op.... will really help with reading fluency.

Today, I worked with my daughter on some of the vowel-consonant word families.

We have been working with this Phonics Flipper for the last few weeks. I have to be honest and admit that I was initially more excited with this purchase than my daughter.... my kindergarten teacher blog friends will understand! You flip the pictures and letter cards around to make words.

word family flowers flip flap

We then made these word family flowers that come from one of newest resource packets. My daughter had valuable practise in cutting, folding, sound recognition, word blending and writing.

First we cut and folded the petals.

 We opened the petals out, and read each beginning sound first.
Then once all opened, we went around the flower from petal to petal blending the initial sound, with the word family centre.

We then cut out the stalk and petal shape, that we had printed on green paper.

We pasted the green flower stem onto a blue piece of paper.

We then glued the flower to the stem.

To finish, we wrote all the words from the flower, onto the lines on the leaves - in a very special new silver sparkly sharpie.

We finished our word work by matching some frog and lily pad puzzle cards. As my daughter is just beginning to learn to read these word families, I only gave her five to match up. I put five frogs in the pocket chart (on the fridge with magnets) and gave her the lily pads one at a time. We talked about the sounds, and I helped her for the first two - she quickly got the idea.

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